Nikiti, Chalkidiki, Greece
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In the area

The village of Nikiti is one of the most dynamic centre of attraction in the region of Halkidiki and also the the most important centre of apiculture in Greece. The new part of the village is located close to the beach and has bars, nightclubs, shops and entertainment. The old village is more quiet and has a right cultural history. You can admire the historical buildings of 1830, the church of Saint-Nikitas and the old school.

The village Nikiti

The village Nikiti is very close to Sapfo Beach Studios and has all you will need; supermarkets, shops, many terraces, entertainment for children, bars and a few night clubs.

Archeological sites / Monuments:

  • The church of the Assumption of Mary (17th century) with its magnificent frescos.
  • The church of Saint-Nikitas (1867) constructed with the rents of the shepherds coming from west
  • Macedonia to stay some days in the land of Nikiti with their herds.
  • The old school (19th cent).
  • The windmills.
  • The royal church of St. George.
  • The royal church of Sophroniou.
  • The basilicas of Saint-Paul, Saint-Panteleimon and Saint-Athanasios. The chapel of Saint-Paul was constructed in the place of a previous chapel with a fountain since 1713. Like tradition says, Saint-Paul arrived in this place very thirsty, so he hit the rock and the spring flows since that day.

Cultural Events

  • The popular feast of Saint-Panteleimon (27th of July) with a common meal and the popular feast of Saint-Nikitas (15th of September).
  • Cultural events during the day of carnival.
  • The crossing of Toronaios Golf the last Sunday of July. The swimmers, coming from all over the world, start swimming at the early morning from Kallithea in Kassandra and they arrive at the afternoon in Nikiti. Feasts are following.